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Established in 2021, Uni-Min India is a leading provider of minerals and chemical solutions. With a diverse client base spanning Asia and beyond, we are committed to delivering top-quality products and exceptional service. Our experienced team, led by dedicated professionals, ensures seamless operations and customer satisfaction at every turn.

We take pride in our agile approach, swiftly adapting to industry demands and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This enables us to offer innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs, setting us apart as your trusted partner in mineral sourcing


Empowering Industries with Uncompromising Quality, Pioneering Innovation, and Trusted Partnerships for a Sustainable Future


To Exceed Expectations by Delivering Premium Minerals and Chemical Solutions with Integrity, Precision, and a Commitment to Excellence


Integrity, Innovation, Reliability - Guiding Every Interaction, Fostering Growth, and Elevating Industry Standards


Excellence as Standard: Impeccable Quality Through Meticulous Processes, Setting Benchmarks for Industry Standards

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