Morbi Emerges as Asia’s Leading Hub for High-End Slab Tile Manufacturing 

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Transforming Slab Production: System Ceramics Pioneers Innovation 

In a groundbreaking move, Italian ceramic machinery manufacturer, System Ceramics, has revolutionized ceramic slab production. Recognizing the limitations of traditional hydraulic press methods, they swiftly established over 25 dedicated plants within a mere 18 months. These state- of-the-art facilities are capable of crafting slab tiles in an impressive range of sizes, from 1200x2400mm to 1600x3200mm, with a thickness of up to 20mm. This leap in technology has not only expanded design possibilities but also allowed for applications in tabletops and kitchen tops. Surprisingly, over 30% of slab manufacturers have yet to adopt this robust production method, indicating the untapped potential in the industry. 

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Indian Ceramic Industry Ascends the High-End Marble Segment

The advent of System Ceramics’ advanced slab technology has propelled the Indian ceramic industry into the high-end marble segment. This significant development marks a substantial stride forward, unlocking new avenues for innovation and design. LIOLI CERAMICA PVT LTD’s strategic alliance with CEASER STONE stands as a testament to the transformative potential of this technology. This partnership has not only attracted global brands but also inspired them to establish their manufacturing operations in India. Simpolo Group’s collaboration with EMMIL CERAMICA, a distinguished Italian tile brand, further solidifies India’s position on the global ceramic stage. 

Sacmi Slab Manufacturing Machine

SACMI Introduces Game-Changing Slab Technology

Building on the momentum, SACMI, a leading ceramic machinery manufacturer, introduced their cutting-edge slab technology to the Indian market. The Continua Plus technology sets itself apart by offering enhanced efficiency, user-friendliness, and nearly half the production cost compared to its counterparts. This technological breakthrough has been swiftly adopted by industry leaders such as Simpolo, Qutone, Asian, Kajaria, and Motto, catapulting them to the forefront of the global tiles market. 

Blended Clay and High Alkali Processed Feldspar: Pioneering Specialized Solutions

In parallel with these technological advancements, we introduce specialized solutions through the utilization of Blended clay and high alkali processed Feldspar. Blended clay, an economical alternative to Ukrainian kaolin and ball clay, plays a pivotal role in reducing slab production costs, underlining our dedication to industry advancement. 

Tailor-Made Solutions for Slab Tiles: 

 Blended Clay: A Cost-Effective Alternative

  • Blended clay emerges as a cost-effective substitute for Ukrainian kaolin and ball clay, significantly reducing slab production costs. This innovation has been instrumental in driving efficiency in the industry, ultimately benefiting manufacturers. 
  • High Alkali Processed Feldspar: Game-Changing Material This processed Feldspar serves as a superior alternative to imported minerals like Nepheline. and lithium feldspar. Its affordability and accessibility make it an indispensable material for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes. 

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Morbi, with its rapid adoption of cutting-edge slab manufacturing technologies, has emerged as Asia’s leading hub for high-end slab tile manufacturing. The dynamic partnerships between global brands and Indian manufacturers have further solidified the region’s position on the global ceramic stage. With innovations like Blended clay and high alkali processed Feldspar, the industry is poised for even greater strides in the coming years. 


What sets SACMI’s Continua Plus technology apart from other slab manufacturing methods?

SACMI’s Continua Plus technology offers improved efficiency, user-friendliness, and significantly reduced production costs compared to traditional methods. This has made it a preferred choice for leading slab manufacturers, propelling them to the forefront of the global tiles market.

How has System Ceramics’ technology impacted the Indian ceramic industry? 

System Ceramics’ advanced slab technology has revolutionized the industry by allowing for the production of large, robust slabs with diverse applications. This has propelled the Indian ceramic industry into the high-end marble segment, attracting global interest and investment. 

How do Blended clay and high alkali processed Feldspar contribute to industry advancement? 

Blended clay provides a cost-effective alternative to imported materials, reducing production costs and enhancing efficiency. High alkali processed Feldspar offers a superior substitute to expensive imported minerals, making it an essential component for manufacturers seeking to optimize their processes. 

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